Feel like I’ve been dealt a few punches today… Still trying to catch my breath from the last one :/

FB. The dreaded friend/ unfriend thing. 

I’ve been culling. Massively culling. I’ve gone from over 400 at Xmas to 142 at the moment, and more still to go. 

I don’t have 142 friends. I don’t have any interest in the lives of 142 people. 

But I’d forgotten something important…

Other people do have that interest. 

So… I apparently hurt someone I was once friends with. I don’t even know her phone number anymore. We haven’t spoken in a couple of years. I have absolutely no real idea what happens in her life… And she has no idea what happens in mine. Other than the superficial FB lives of course… I’ve had her on ‘restricted’ since Xmas and she hadn’t said a word… Until I unfriended her… And she noticed immediately :/

Now, if someone unfriends me, I usually think – fair call… Unless it’s family – and then it’s usually the latest drama… But I have no family on FB anymore – I deleted them in the first cull 😉 

What I definitely don’t do, is contact them and rant about how hurt and devastated I am… How I didn’t think they were that kind of person… How they’re stunned I could think so little of them… Etc etc etc… 

The whole time, my conscience was saying – she was once a good friend, she’s a nice person, she’s one of those fragile types…. But the other 95% of me was thinking – I don’t see the pint of this conversation, I don’t need this negativity, we’re not friends anymore, I’m not here for your who… And… I just don’t care. 

But I listened to my conscience and tried to assuage the damaged ego. Several times. Finally saying – I can’t undo the past, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’ve sent you a friend request which you’ve refused… What else do you need? 

Okay… The last part may have negated the rest of the conversation… But I truly don’t care. We’re not friends. We no longer have things in common. I’m not interested in being friends. 

But… Maybe I could have timed it better… I’m visiting the small town where she (and so many of these other people I’ve unfriended) lives… :/