I am in love…

With this part of the world πŸ˜‰

I’m not as taken with the amazing coastline as I was promised – but perhaps that is simply because I am spoiled with a stunning coastline in my own neck of the woods… 

But I am loving the people and the outlook on life, and I am loving Hokitika!

They do keep telling us this weather is deceptive. Apparently, it’s been the worst spring and summer to date… But this week, the magic has appeared. 

I love these two pics:

 Because I was standing in the same spot at the same time when I took them. Beautiful summer beach weather, with snow capped mountains in the background!
And finally, the sunset over the west coast…

Today, if I can drag the teen from her bed, we’ll explore the treetop walk and the swinging bridge, before heading south to the glaciers. 

But I have fallen in love with this section of the coast in particular. I could live here… More importantly, I could afford to live here!! πŸ˜‚