The arrogance of being a traveller…

Is arrogance allowed? I’m sure it is… A friend told me not so long ago to never apologise for my arrogance and to never give it up. She made sense.

But at what point is ‘travelling’ just not travelling? Or perhaps it’s that there’s no perceived adventure? Or learning?

My daughter went on an 11 day cruise of the south pacific just before Christmas. She loved ticking off more destinations. She had an incredible trip with friends. But… even she, at the age of 17, acknowledges that she didn’t really ‘see’ or experience the islands they landed on.

I know people who venture to Bali every year. Every single year. Same resort. They love it. They love that they ‘enjoy travelling’.

I know others who take a weekend away and barely leave the hotel. Or take a week at a resort and ‘why on earth would you leave if you’ve paid for it’? Or the weekend cruise. The visit to friends or family where you might ‘eat out’ or ‘see a show’… once.

When does it cease to be travel and start to be acknowledged as a holiday? As a fun time, but seriously… it ain’t travel.

A friend is off to Vanuatu for a romantic getaway. A week at a resort. Because they love to travel… can’t wait to tell everyone of their adventures… because they love to explore… They want to go on a cruise next.

But it’s not ‘travelling’ if you don’t leave the resort. It’s not ‘travelling’ if you drive (or float) from one destination to the next, stop for food or perhaps to parasail, and then keep moving.

Perhaps it is ‘travelling’… but you are not a ‘traveller’. Maybe…

When i say I want to travel the world, I mean I want to experience it. I want the adventures. The mayhem. The uncertainty.

I don’t want to say – OMG, there was this moment when I was completely lost, because I can manage to get lost in a rectangle… and have you cut me off to tell me about the waiter bringing this really amazing cocktail as you lazed around the pool. No. You comparing service from one resort to another, from one country to another, is NOT the same as eating some unknown delights from a street vendor in another culture. Your massage and jetskiing is not the same as hiking through snow or climbing through a volcano. And the thing is… I’m not even convinced my latest trip classifies as ‘travelling’… not to the degree I want it to… but it’s so, so, so much more so than the people who want to tell me about their own adventures.

Ah… arrogance. Their adventures are their own. They are exciting. Their holiday was exactly what they needed and they had an incredible time. Just… please use the vocab accordingly :p


You know you’re tired and grumpy when…

Stupid people annoy you 😂

Husband and wife team – CONSTANTLY share each other’s posts. Why?!? Ffs – do you not realise most if your friends are in common anyway?? Tag the other person for god sake. It’s not rocket science. But oh my freaking god, it will make your fb friends happier! 

I can also rant about the teams who have only one account – are you one person sharing two bodies? How incredibly sad… or the ones who have each other’s passwords… and actually use them! I’m sorry, but what exactly is your relationship actually based on? Obviously trust isn’t a strong element… and that brings us to the couples who use Find my Phone and other tracking apps to keep tabs on exactly where the other person is…

I know my marriage was an unhealthy relationship… but I thank god we remained individuals throughout. 

Those conversations where you’re continually talking on different planes, and no matter how much you jump and swerve, trying to create a ripple, you can never seem to connect anymore…

I hate letting go of people. I seem to do it a lot. But you can’t keep forcing a connection that no longer exists. 

Some days… when my soul has been shattered yet again… I come across a quite that speaks to me… and somehow, in that moment, those shattered pieces calm and shuffle a little closer to their positions once more. 

I don’t know how to do this. I say it. Over and over. And people say – yeah, it sucks… and that’s it. They might add – you’ll work it out, you always do. But I don’t… I muddle through it and screw it up even more. 

I don’t know how to do this. 

I don’t have the strength to do this. 

When he refuses to return your kids… apparently there’s no one to really enforce that he does. He’ll be made to eventually… but I have to file recovery orders and have my kids forcibly removed… I can’t keep up with his brain pattern… he’s apparently filing for full custody… because two refuse to go and two are caught in the land of not wanting to answer that question when he asks? Life just goes back to normal…