The self absorption of youth… The angst of a teen…

The Princess is home. Trial HSC exams… Life is tough. Emotional. Traumatic. 

I’d have sympathy if she actually studied… Not just a psychotic meltdown the night before as she tries to cram… She’s had months to prepare… But let’s look at the last 4 days. She’s had those as a stuvac… Yes… She worked a 4 hour shift Friday evening and 5 hours Saturday afternoon… But she’s had 4 days off to study… And I know those social events are important… And Netflix… And 9/10 hours sleep each night is imperative… 

Yeah… I’m struggling with sympathy…

So she’s home. I went downstairs to grab Te washing out of the machine and put another load on… Hung the washing out… Walked into the house and could smell chips! Yay! 

Oh! Chips are a great option honey!!

Did you want some?

Um… Yeah?

But you didn’t ask…

I was doing the washing… I didn’t realise I had to… Didn’t it occur to you to ask?

Argh! Do you want me to put some on for you???

You’re sitting right next to the freezer… You could have already done it by now…


It’s fine. I’ll do my own. 

And she sat! 

This is what she does… It seriously screws with my mind. She can sit and watch me pack an entire house and not lift a finger to help. Or feel guilty. It would never occur to me to cook hot chips for myself and not ask the only other person in the house if they want some. 

Yes, she’s ‘stressed’ about exams. Yes, she’s hormonal. Yes, she’s 17. 


I wonder when she became so angry with me… There’s the pretense. And I do think she loves me. But there’s so much anger under that surface. I wonder when she started disliking me so much… The breakup? Or was it before then? Because I remember when she was little… Telling her I shouldn’t be her greatest competition… 


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