I am far too tired and grumpy and emotional to write this post tonight.. Perhaps I will write it better in a few days… Perhaps not. 

It’s a hard few days. On so many levels. I’m exhausted with the emotional roller coaster and the physical drain. 

Tired and emotional…

But I’m grumpy too. Fed up. Hurt. There are people I chat to every day. People I listen to and support. But when I say to them – oh, the last few days have been exhausting… And I’ll try to offer a hint of a part of it… They don’t react at all. They simply go back to talking about their own lives and issues. I seem to have become so good at listening to them talk about themself, that they’ve completely forgotten how to even vaguely care about me… and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus… Then the driver has come back for seconds… And thirds…


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