This is my son… No, there’s nothing between him and the road… No, he isn’t wearing any safety gear…. Seriously, can you SEE any safety gear? What exactly do you mean when you ask that?!?

My son is not making the wisest of choices… Obviously… But so many people are actually more stupid than he is! The questions… The comments… The constant judgment! 

Because you just don’t know… You have absolutely no idea. 

You should just tell him not to do it. Tell him it’s stupid. Tell him… 

I’m past burring up at the diatribe though… Because they can’t help their stupidity… Their thoughtlessness… Because they just don’t understand…

People think mental health is attention seeking. A self indulgent sulk. 

This child and I were talking recently about suicide. I said to him – there’s worse things than death. You could end up a physical vegetable with your mind still active and engaged within. You could end up with chronic, debilitating pain for the rest of your life. You could…. 

But mum! Mum! Listen… Do you know what’s worse than suicide?! Do you know what’s worse than death?!

Yes… That’s what I’m trying to tell you… There’s worse things than…


Depression is worse than death. 


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