Rain rain…

seriously – is this much rain normal?? I realise the country has been in drought for years, but has it always rained this often in the city? The rare days without seem to slip by so quickly… And I wake most morning to the torrent trying to wash our house down the hill….


Mummy moments

Boys are hard work. Seriously… 

So my boy moments seem to stand out a little bit more… 

A notification from Instagram – boy child number 1 – a tag he’s drawn for me! A nice pic. Just for me. This seems so simple… But I’d one of those monumental moments. He gives very little of himself… So these moments matter. 

Boy child number 2 – a lost tooth and a cheeky grin! He raced in to show me it dangling in his mouth… A flick of his tongue and he spat it in my hand… Ummm… Yay? :p


i dreamed last night… I dream most nights… A thousand thoughts. A thousand possibilities. 

But last night, the dream was so simple…

Someone put a warm blanket around my shoulders. I was cold. The weight of the blanket. The warmth seeping in. 

How do you describe the sensation. The simple act. Of someone. An unknown entity. Putting a blanket over my shoulders. 

The simplest act of love… And I was surprised… Stunned… Unaccustomed to someone ever looking out for me…

Connecting the dots…

7, 8 and 9 are connected

12 and 13

Just need the ones in between…

But it’s coming together… Gradually… Can’t quite see the picture yet though

Tonight was hard. I was hell bent against it. Too far out of my comfort zone. Massive anxiety setting in. Flight mode well and truly ignited. 

Then the 9 year old said – why don’t you just quit??? 

And I knew I couldn’t… I couldn’t teach her that it’s okay to quit if things are a little tough. 

I want them to know it’s okay to step outside your comfort zone. In fact, I want that to be something they think is mandatory.

Push yourself 

Don’t quit

Within reason…

But it all worked out for the best in the end… Dots 12 and 13 connected. Blowing my own trumpet, but I absolutely smashed it tonight. Rubbed it in the noses of the naysayers. Sold my ice to the Eskimos and had them walk away a little bit in love with me 😉 

Exhausted success 🙂