Beware the soap box…

I’m not a fan of homework – certainly not at a primary school level. If you do insist that it instils good habits, make it 5-10 minutes of unsupervised tasks…

But no…

I have two at primary school age. So let’s make sure it’s at least half an hour each, and that it involves the parents for quality time… I don’t need homework for quality time :/ Oh, and let’s not forget to ensure most of it involves technology…

Tonight, we had:

  • spelling words
  • mathletics (online maths homework)
  • spellodrome (online spelling homework)
  • home readers
  • sight words

Each! This is every single night apparently! The eldest will soon have tasks set via Edmodo as well and be expected to participate in online discussions… And let’s not forget that they have news to present each fortnight – here’s the topics for the term – make sure they practise at home first… and, naturally, we’ll have a couple of projects each term to complete (online) with their parents… Or parent, in my case…

They are 6 and 8 years old! This is insane… My soap box will be smooth from use before this year is out… :/


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