Waking up grumpy

Blergh. That is my mood this morning. Hopefully, caffeine will fix it.

I’m not a morning person – although, I’ve been waking up early (or woken up) every single day for close to 16 years now. Still…

Last night, I had the joy of a child in my bed. So angelic. Peaceful. Gorgeous.

Until the feet found my back… and the hands my face… and the burrowing started (he actually burrows under me)… and then he was hot… and then he was cold… and another trip to the toilet was essential… and is it morning yet (at 5am)….


Then the next one came in… at least it was light by then… Mummy, I feel sick… still… really sick… I think I’m going to vomit….


Out of bed. She wants yoghurt… but I thought you wanted to vomit?… Yoghurt will make me feel better…


Can I have chocolate? Or a candy cane? It’s 7am!!! But….

Silent FFS….

Everything aches. I think he kicked every bone, muscle and whatever else there is in my body. My neck is cricked, my head is thumping. The kids are loud. They have found a whistle. Where the f&*% did they find a whistle???

Caffeine! Caffeine will solve all ills. And I might wake the teenager… the sadistic part of me thinks she should share in my misery… 😉


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