Hormonal children….

The erratic moods of an 8 year old baby dragon are exhausting me. I keep telling myself this is that last big hormonal spike before the teenage years… I’ve been here twice before…. but couple it with the moods of a 15 year old princess, and my patience is almost completely spent.

The questions seem innocuous enough. Would you like chicken for dinner? What would you like for breakfast? ….. the world stops spinning on its axis. The ice caps melt. Volcanoes erupt. Desert storms. Tsunamis. The world will never be the same again….

I do not have the energy for today.


I’m lonely when I think of you…

… I’ve forgotten the next line…

This town makes me feel lonely. Waking up alone in the motel room. Rain pounding on the windows. A steady stream of voices and suitcases outside the door.

A dozen people I could call for breakfast, and instead, I’m lying on the bed feeling sorry for myself.

Years of habit? Too many memories?

If I was at home right now, I’d be lying in bed because I’m lazy. Contemplating whether to cook breakfast or go out and find somewhere quaint.

I would be alone but not lonely. I would relish the time, contemplating which activity to fit in first.

But here… My mood has plummeted. The rain doesn’t help. Here, I am looking at my life and at the people in it and wondering what I am doing. Realising the whole thing is a waste of time and energy.

How can one town have such an impact?