Loving people is hard work…

When the people you love don’t actually like you… Possibly even hate parts of you… Do you change? Do you adapt to be more lovable? Or so they maybe love you a little?

Or do you simply say – I love you, but I am who I am. I’m tired of pretending to be someone and something I’m not. I’m tired of following the societal rules of ‘fitting in’ and mediating our relationship.

It doesn’t matter which relationship. Children, family, friends, significant other… I am who I am. I am no longer keeping the peace and biting my tongue. I am no longer sharing the parts of me that can be hurt. Life is short – far too short to fit in with rules and conventions. Love me or leave me. I will love you regardless. I will always be here when you need me. But I will no longer chase you or your love.


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